3.0L PEVA Antimicrobial Hydration Bladder

Regular price KSh2,450.00
BRAND Naturehike 
COLOR Green 
SIZE 16 x 8 x 1.2” inch 
FOLDING SIZE 10 x 8 x 2.2” inch 
CAPACITY 3000ml / 105oz 
FEATURES Reusable, foldable, attachable, portable, washable, sustainable & antibacterial 

Safety Tasteless Material 
The BPA-free reservoir made of safe and odorless materials has passed the strict certification test, it accords with the safety standard set by FDA. Neither the body nor the water nozzle emits foul plastic smells. 
Wide mouth design 
Due to the Wide-Mouth design, the installation is easy and the leakage is prevented. Moreover, this design is convenient for cleaning and airing the reservoir. 
Large filler cap with handle 
The filler cap with filler handle is convenient for adding water or ice into the reservoir. It’s not only easy and simple in handing but also tight in sealing. 
Double-welded seams 
Adopting the most advanced double welding sealing technique, the body can stand a pressure of 60KG, so the users needn’t worry that the reservoir would be broken by the pressure. 
Self-Lock connection system 
The self-lock connection system is convenient for drinking tube dis-assembly, cleaning, storing and accessory replacement. With the self-lock device, the connection system wouldn’t yield water even if the drinking tube was dismantled. Furthermore, the body can be used as an independent container. 
EXS insulated tube cover 
The outside is the military-class high-strength protecting cover, of which both ends are fixed with the retrenching rubber gasket perfectly. This cover can not only protect the water tube but also keeps water from freezing in cold weather.